About BulbCalculator

Bulbcalculator is a software to design the bulbs of rc controlled sailboat.

It can be used to design bulbs for rc sailboat from 0.1 Kg up to 20 Kg even if its usual use is to design bulbs up to 3 Kg (basically everything up to a IOM or M class)

It show the bulb both in a 2D orthogonal view (Front, Top and Profile view) and in a 3D view that can be viewed as Triangles, wireframe and Surface.

Some of the features are:

  • Load/Save project
  • Export to Ascii STL format to mill and/or print the bulb
  • Download of profile data from the UUIC database
  • Metric and Imperial units
  • Export to Ascii file
  • Print of Section and LinesPlan of the bulb

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